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Meet the Team


Tatyana Edwards

I’m a passionate advocate for seizing opportunities and embracing new challenges, originally from Russia and later embarking on a life-changing journey with my family to the vibrant landscape of the USA (Asheville NC) in 1998. Witnessing my parents’ sacrifices to pave the way for a new life here instilled in me a profound gratitude for the opportunities this country offers. Having graduated from TC Roberson High School in 2000, I went on to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration Management from UNC-A in 2005. My career trajectory initially led me through the hospital sphere, where I spent nine enriching years honing my skills and advancing through various roles within the system. The pinnacle of this journey was my tenure as a Clinical Research Specialist, a role that not only challenged my intellect but also inspired me to pursue certification through SOCRA. In 2012, I made a pivotal decision to transition from the corporate world into the realm of solo entrepreneurship, diving headfirst into the dynamic field of real estate. Leveraging my four years of licensing and a passion for the industry, I’ve dedicated myself wholeheartedly to this field. Our boutique firm prides itself on being small, local, and ever-ready to guide and address any inquiries. Specializing in residential real estate sales and property management, we’re committed to providing top-notch service. Beyond real estate, my entrepreneurial spirit led me to acquire my aunt’s “Inara’s Alterations” business in 2020, a venture that has introduced me to delightful new clients and brought fresh experiences into my professional journey. Alongside my professional endeavors, I cherish family time with my husband, Preston, and our three beautiful daughters, who continually inspire and drive me to reach for new heights.



Preston C. Edwards

Preston Edwards, a true native of Western North Carolina, has not only witnessed the beauty of these mountains throughout his life but has also found a home and built a family here. Here he also met and married his beautiful wife, Tatyana, and where together they have raised their three wonderful daughters.

For Preston, faith and family stand as the bedrock that shape not just his personal life but also his professional journey in Real Estate. His commitment to these principles reflects in every aspect of his work, creating a foundation of trust and reliability for his clients.

Beyond addressing the residential real estate needs of his clients, Preston leads the Property Management division of Edwards Realty. He endeavors to ensure that both property owners and tenants experience the utmost satisfaction in every interaction. With a genuine dedication to excellence, Preston strives to optimize the outcomes for everyone involved, making property management a seamless and rewarding experience for all involved



Ekaterina Hagen

Greetings! I’m Ekaterina Hagen, a real estate agent operating in Western North Carolina. Originally hailing from Russia and having grown up in the Arctic North, I bring a diverse perspective to the real estate landscape. My journey led me to earn a degree in Finance, and I initially navigated the corporate world as an accountant in large corporations in Russia. In the mid-2000s, I made a life-changing move to the picturesque Asheville area. Here, I not only found professional fulfillment but also united with my beloved husband, creating a warm home for our wonderful children. I always held a passion for real estate, I transitioned seamlessly into the field. I firmly believe that your home is your sanctuary, a place of security and comfort that everyone deserves. It would be my pleasure to assist you in finding the perfect home, tailoring each search to your unique needs and preferences. Let’s embark on this exciting journey together, turning your real estate dreams into a reality.


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