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I’m a passionate advocate for seizing opportunities and embracing new challenges, originally from Russia and later embarking on a life-changing journey with my family to the vibrant landscape of the USA (Asheville NC) in 1998. Witnessing my parents’ sacrifices to pave the way for a new life here instilled in me a profound gratitude for the opportunities this country offers. Having graduated from TC Roberson High School in 2000, I went on to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration Management from UNC-A in 2005. My career trajectory initially led me through the hospital sphere, where I spent nine enriching years honing my skills and advancing through various roles within the system. The pinnacle of this journey was my tenure as a Clinical Research Specialist, a role that not only challenged my intellect but also inspired me to pursue certification through SOCRA. In 2012, I made a pivotal decision to transition from the corporate world into the realm of solo entrepreneurship, diving headfirst into the dynamic field of real estate. Leveraging my four years of licensing and a passion for the industry, I’ve dedicated myself wholeheartedly to this field. Our boutique firm prides itself on being small, local, and ever-ready to guide and address any inquiries. Specializing in residential real estate sales and property management, we’re committed to providing top-notch service. Beyond real estate, my entrepreneurial spirit led me to acquire my aunt’s “Inara’s Alterations” business in 2020, a venture that has introduced me to delightful new clients and brought fresh experiences into my professional journey. Alongside my professional endeavors, I cherish family time with my husband, Preston, and our three beautiful daughters, who continually inspire and drive me to reach for new heights.

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